Report system

Case file management system


DICOM Server – EXtServer

Solution to archive medical images.


  • Store and manage images in DICOM format received from modalities and workstations over the TCP/IP based network in compliance with DICOM standards.
  • SCU(Service Class User) or SCP(Service Class Provider) function as DICOM Storage Service Class
  • Record information of received images in log files
  • Image management database with Hierarchical Storage Management(HSM) function to manage images intelligently and efficiently among the multiple tiered storages.
  • User management function to manage user’s permission levels and user’s password settings.
  • Customizable forwarding function


  • Transfer images in DICOM format to modalities and workstations over the TCP/IP based network in compliance with DICOM standards.
  • SCU(Service Class User) or SCP(Service Class Provider) function as DICOM Query/Retrieve Service Class.


DICOM Viewer - EV Insite R

View DICOM with confidence.


We design our systems to be user-friendly and easy-to-use for all of the numerous everyday tasks. Our system represents a flexibly customizable environment where users can easily solve their everyday tasks in accordance with their particular preferences and the shortest approach.


Multimodality Viewer – one viewer for all
There are a variety of modalities, but it is very inefficient if you need a different viewer for each modality. PSP’s one multimodality viewer can take care of your all images for smooth viewing. Not only standard CT,MRI images(DICOM) but also physical documents and pictures taken by a digital camera can be viewed(Auto conversion to DICOM supported). Movies of heart echo, cardiac catheterization images can be viewed without any hassle
  • Mouse operation to perform many functions
    Most of basic functions can be performed only by a mouse without having to switch between Keyboard and Mouse
  • User-level customization feature
    Customization of almost all the features is possible at user level – import/export of user settings fully supported
  • MPR - Multi Planer Reconstruction can be performed on any workstation and it is very very fast. Axial ,Sagittal , Coronal along with oblique planes are supported. You can perform rotation around a specific point to allowing you to view all the surrounding area thoroughly. This function is used examine the coronary artery, twisted intestine caused by ileus, blood vessels providing blood to lung cancer etc....
  • Curved MPR - Suitable to open up vessels and tumors and examine their cross-sectional images
  • Fusion - You can perform fusion of PET and CT or MRI images with a different protocol more easily.
  • MIP and MinIP - Superior Maximum Intensity Projection and Minimum Intensity Projection for advance detection of cancers and lesions
  • Super Speed - A study consisting of thousands of images could be loaded instantly - even 4000 images can be displayed within less than 2 sec
  • Auto Save and History - It automatically saves interpretation states of your studies. History of 20 such states are maintained without having you to worry about sacrificing anything even when switches interpretation studies. Switching interpretation studies can be done with a single mouse click.
  • Advanced comparison functions - Current &prior images can be automatically set into Comparison layout with 1 mouse click - saving you huge amount of time.
  • Save/Load interpretation state - Your current interpretation state for eg, layout, paging, window-leveling, annotations can be saved into a file without any delay. The file is very fast when loading.
  • Scene buttons - It is possible to make scene buttons to display suitable scenes for doctors requesting interpretation
  • Making slides - You can make a slide in PowerPoint file if they wish to give a presentation of this case at congress. Of course, it is also possible to make a movie or a JPEG file.
  • Burn CDs/DVDs - Studies could be baked on CDs/DVDs – Our software connects with all the major Publishers.
  • Teaching File - Displays cases one after another during in-hospital conference



Mammo Viewer - EV Insite M

Early detection is vital.


When it comes to interpretation by using a viewer for a Breast cancer examination, fast views are extremely important. EV Insite M has been used by many doctors since its launch.


  • Basic functions - It has all the functions needed for interpretation of mammography
    Original Size / Life Size / WW/WL / Tone Curve / Black and White Inversion / Magnify / Auto Vertical Offset / Masking / Distance Measurement / Zoom / DICOM SR
  • Comparison – It is comfortable to compare with the past.
  • Layout - The configuration you want to display varies between doctors. Protocol setting by each log-in user is really easy.
  • Tomosynthesis - 3D mammography for advance diagnosis is supported.
  • Multimodality – It is possible to observe echography or MRI images at the same time.


Standalone Viewer - EV Insite S

Take them with you where it is.


The Stand-Alone version is another perfect choice.
It equips laptops or personal-use terminals with a sophisticated viewer. Perfect for use in research, presentations and case studies.


EV Insite S has almost the same functions as EV Insite R.


Tablet Viewer – Insite Pad

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can refer to the images readily on a tablet?


If you wish to refer to images for the situations below :

  • - In-house conference
  • - Rounds in the hospital
  • - Explanation to patients
  • - Office
  • etc...
This works perfectly!


Basic functions
Magnify / Paging / WW/WL / Black and White Inversion / Synchronizing



Speed, performance and security are very crucial for teleradiology.
We take it very seriously at PSP!

There is a shortage of good radiologists. Radiologists are working more and more hours today and taking less vacation. They are under constant pressure to do interpretation of lots of examinations in a day. In some hospitals there are no radiologists, however, they do have visiting radiologist who visits once in a week to perform reading of all the studies accumulated in a week. - We can imagine the huge volume of images of such examinations.

Our teleradiology solution targets this problem. Even doctors in remote sites can do the interpretation in the same environment as in the hospital, which enables them to do the interpretation every day, even urgent interpretations!

Doctors can really appreciate doing the interpretation as comfortably as in the hospital.


report system

Report System – EV Report

Achieving speed and precision with ease

EV Report saves you the time and effort to write more comprehensive reports with greater precision. Designed with fast and easy operational functions, our report system has the flexibility to fully adapt and efficiently assist your radiology workflow.


  • Reduce your workload with commonly used phrases and preinstalled report templates, specialized for each modality and body part.
  • Accessible final reports that can be circulated and printed anywhere by web browser.
  • Easy comparison as previous reports are shown side by side with current reports.
  • Extensive reports with key images pasted directly from our DICOM Viewer in only one step.
  • Guaranteed security since all revisions are recorded and trackable.


EV Palette

Inspire the interactive learning future of medical images

As radiology departments are going “paperless” and “filmless” with the introduction of RIS and PACS, the materials to train future radiology personnel also need to turn digital. Our EV Palette offers that solution, benefitting doctors and students to easily create, share, and learn on a multimedia platform, especially with the advantages of our PACS.


  • Utilize materials in hospital for training – Paste images and reports from EV Insite R and EV Report.
  • Ensure confidentiality – Set password or anonymous mode when using real cases’ information.
  • Multimedia platform – Include various file types (images, documents, videos etc.) into one teaching file.
  • Easy to use– Complete most operations by simple drag and drop.
  • Visually effective – Organize your contents in mind map structure.
  • Further applications – Can be used for educational materials, self-study quizzes, research conferences, presentations, interpretation workshops etc.


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