PSP is an enterprise that conducts research, development, manufacturing and marketing of medical clinical support systems as its key business and is involved in a wide range of business relations and communication with medical institutions, facilities and medical staff nationwide.
It has been acknowledged that handling and managing various information including personal information is a matter of special responsibility.
Furthermore, all PSP staff including executive managers shares the understanding of the value and the importance of various information assets and the need of safety instructions for providing the customers with good-quality products and services and obtaining their trust.
Therefore, in order to protect information assets adequately from all kinds of threads of recently increasing level of danger, PSP hereby establishes the “Information Security Basic Policy” with the intention of improving information security.
The purpose of this effort is to make a contribution to clinical medicine by delivering our systems.

1. Information security management system
PSP makes efforts to protect information assets of possessed or related information and establishes information security management system with compliance to related laws and standards in order to obtain trust from the society.

2. Rules and regulations for information assets
Based on information Security Basic Policy, PSP consolidates corporate regulations and makes efforts to prevent information leakage and other events. Also PSP ensures adequate implementation of penal measures according to work regulations in case of violation of regulation requirements or corporate rules.

3. Information security incident prevention
PSP acknowledges the threats and vulnerabilities related to important information assets and make efforts to prevent occurrence (incidents) of information assets loss, leakage etc. In case if an information security trouble occurs, PSP performs immediate investigation of its reason and takes best countermeasures as well as making efforts for its prevention and preservation improving.

4. Enhancement of information security literacy
PSP informs all the staff regarding the importance of information security and proper use of information assets, facilities and equipment and make efforts to take such measures in a timely manner.

5. Continuous improvement of information security policy
PSP makes efforts to periodically revise this basic policy for its continuous improvement.

Effective from: 2006/9/14
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