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EV Insite System - PSP obtained FDA 510(k) clearance for EV Insite System -

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DICOM Server – ExtServer

Archive and quickly access medical images from modalities and workstation.
  • Store DICOM-compliant images from modalities and workstations. Perform image quality assurance.
  • Quickly load studies (4,000-image study can be displayed within less than 2 sec(1).
  • Secure data with reliable storage based on High Availability architecture.
  • Keep a log of image retrieval.
  • Efficiently manage images among multiple storages with Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) function.
  • Manage user privileges.
  • Transfer DICOM images to modalities and workstations. SCU / SCP functions as DICOM Query/Retrieve Service Class.

(1) Speed test is carried out under optimal network environment.


DICOM Viewer – EV Insite R

View DICOM with confidence.
  • Multimodality – One viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM (images, documents).
  • Customizability – Configure modality-specific hanging protocols, user-specific mouse/keyboard operations, toolbars, menus as you wish.
  • Interpretation tools – Apply image reconstruction, MIP/MinIP, PET/CT Fusion, and various measurement tools for specific clinical tasks. Access interpretation history, save and share interpretation states.
  • Export and sharing – Burn DICOM data to CDs/DVDs by disk publishers. Save images into jpeg/movie files, or into PowerPoint for page-by-page view.


Mammography Viewer – EV Insite M

Interpret mammography studies with a dedicated viewer optimized for early detection.
  • Basic functions for comfortable image interpretation.
  • Automatically arrange past studies for comparison.
  • User-specific configurable layouts.
  • Support viewing tomosynthesis (3D mammography) for advance diagnosis.
  • Possible to observe Echography / MRI images at the same time.


Standalone Viewer – EV Insite S

A sophisticated viewer works independently on laptop or personal-use terminals, for research, presentation, and case study review.

EV Insite S has almost the same functions as EV Insite R.


Tablet Viewer – Insite Pad

Refer study images on mobile devices, during in-house conference, hospital rounds, or from outside of the hospital network.

The viewer is equipped with all basic functions such as image paging, zooming, windowing, synchronizing, black/while inversion, etc.


Web-based Viewer – W-EV Insite

  • Zero-footprint viewer.
  • Required no installation.
  • Anywhere access via Web browsers.
  • Simple and fast with all basic functions.


Reporting system – EV Report

EV Report saves you time and efforts to write and communicate comprehensive reports with greater precision. The reporting system has the flexibility to fully adapt and efficiently assist your radiology workflow.

  • Register and use report templates, specialized for each modality and body part.
  • Easily compare the data with previous reports auto-aligned side by side.
  • Add key images directly from our DICOM viewer.
  • Distribute final reports via hospital network.
  • Print out final reports with customizable forms.
  • Keep a track on all revisions automatically recorded for security.


Radiology information system (RIS) - ARIStation

  • Make patient data entry efficient and mistake-free.
  • Verify patient’s conditions such as contraindications or special needs.
  • Streamline patient check-in by using barcodes.
  • Communicate notes and remarks about patient within the radiology team.
  • Compile statistics.


Dose management system - iSED

  • Collect & record dose information from modality.
  • Integrate with RIS & PACS.
  • Generate dose management statistics.


Medical device management system - iMED

  • Manage maintenance situations of medical devices.
  • Record maintenance reports from modality engineers.
  • Register and check maintenance appointments in calendar.



PSP teleradiology solution targets the challenges of modern radiology.
  • Increase accessibility – Help radiologists to view and interpret images from outside of the hospital, enabling them to provide their specialty to hospitals with no full-time radiologists, clinics in remote areas with limited access.
  • Enhance mobility – Refer to images on web browser and tablet devices anytime, anywhere, adding more viewing options for emergency cases.
  • Guarantee security – All accesses are via virtual private network (VPN), limiting unauthorized access risks and ensuring system security.


Online reservation & report sharing system
- EV Portal View

  • Smooth scheduling for radiology exams between central hospital and local clinics.
  • Online reservation requests from local clinics.
  • Share exam results and images via web with local clinics.


Case file management – EV Palette

As radiology departments are going “paperless” and “filmless”, the materials to train future radiology personnel also need to turn digital. With the multimedia platform of our EV Palette, doctors and students can easily create and share cases to learn.

  • Visually effective – Organize images and reports into a structured mind-map collection of case-related training materials.
  • Ensure confidentiality – Anonymize and password-protect patient data for real studies.
  • Multimedia platform – Include various file types (images, documents, videos etc.) into one teaching file.
  • Various applications – Use for educational materials, self-study quizzes, research conferences, presentations, interpretation workshops etc.


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